PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and is a regime of daily pill taken to reduce the risk of HIV transmission.

Studies have shown that when taken consistently every day, PrEP is up to 99% effective in preventing HIV.

PrEP is available to anyone want an additional layer of protection from HIV, our answer is YES! Men who have sex with men, injection drug users, and sex workers can be other reasons for taking PrEP.

PrEP is a medication called Truvada®. It was approved by the FDA in 2012 and is the only current PrEP drug on the market.

Side effects are generally low. Less than 10% have some nausea and/or headaches. Truvada can also sometimes affect your liver, decrease kidney function, and lower bone density. Your doctor will check your health before starting you on PrEP.

HCH510 offers PrEP  along with primary care  through Asian Health Services. Most other primary care doctors can prescribe it as well. There are also locations that specialize in just PrEP. Start by having a conversation with us or your current health care provider.

There are ways to obtain affordable PrEP. Most insurances cover the cost of PrEP, and there are programs to help with co-pays and for those who may be uninsured.

Don’t quite get your insurance? Need help figuring it out? It’s our job to assist. Give us a call or text:

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To prevent HIV, one pill must be taken every day.

Additionally, you need to see your provider every three months. This is to make sure the medication is working and that you’re staying healthy.

No. PrEP only prevents HIV, not other STDs or pregnancy. During your three-month visits, your doctor will likely check for other STDs like gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis.

At HCH510, we have our own PrEP doctors but also specialize in helping locate doctors who are ready to prescribe PrEP. We know it can be tough to talk about it. Our understanding and LGBTQ-friendly staff keeps everything confidential.

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