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310 8th Street – Oakland, CA 94607

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About Us

About HCH510

HCH510 was established in early 2017 by the Asian Health Services HIV prevention and care department to destigmatize HIV within Alameda County. HCH510’s vision is to encourage people of color within the city of Oakland and Alameda County to practice well-rounded care by offering inclusivity through education, resources, prevention, and treatment.
Who We Are
HCH is a team of dedicated medical case managers, health educators, and healthcare providers practicing patient-centered and gender affirming care to help individuals make the best decisions regarding their sexual health and overall wellbeing. We are a diverse team of multiracial, multilingual, queer and trans people of color, and allies working together to better serve the community.
David Lucas Gonzalez
David Gonzalez I they/he
HIV Program Manager

David is a Chicanx and Chinese queer, native to the Bay Area. They have been doing queer activism since high school when they volunteered as a Peer Coordinator at Positive Images in Santa Rosa. They have been a worker-member of the Berkeley Free Clinic since 2015, mostly involved in the Gay Men’s Health Collective. Hobbies include baking, hiking, and obscure early 80s music.

bio pic
Alex Iling | she/they
Program Coordinator

Alex is a queer, gender non-conforming, Pinxy (Filipino) immigrant, and spicy Pisces. They are a sexual health educator with over a decade’s experience in community health education and promotion, pleasure-based sex ed, and project coordination. Hobbies include printmaking, trying to keep their houseplants alive, and finding the best local eats.

Eris Verdugo
Eris Verdugo | they/them/theirs
Community Health Advocate | Transgender Services Coordinator

Eris is a queer, trans nonbinary, Mexican, and Bay Area native. They have a passion for helping the LGBTQ+ community get connected to services, competent care, and sexual health promotion. Their hobbies include listening to music for hours, gaming, and spending time with friends.

DYale Adams
D’Yale Adams | he/him/his
Community Health Advocate

D’Yale is a Black & First Nations Queer man, hailing from the East Bay Area. Having been raised by Queer and HIV+ advocates, service and community connectedness have been a part of his life from the very beginning. Outside of community health, D’Yale ‘s hobbies include writing and reading science fiction, hiking, urban exploration, and physical exercise.

Victor Liang | he/him/his
Community Health Advocate

Victor immigrated from Australia with his parents when he was 9. Sadly, he lost his Australian accent, but he speaks fluent Cantonese and conversational Mandarin. As a Chinese immigrant and someone who grew up coming to Oakland Chinatown a lot after immigrating, Victor is super-excited to work with the Asian Health Services community. This includes advocating for the HIV and Hepatitis community as an ally.

Cam Lincoln | he/him/his
Community Health Advocate

Cam Lincoln is a Black-Taiwanese American gay man from South Bay San Diego, CA. He is fluent in English and Mandarin. Since his time in school studying social determinants of health, Cam has been active in providing community-centered care. He will be focused on the prevention side, helping people access HIV testing, PrEP, PEP, and monkeypox vaccine outreach.

Jason Johnny
Jason Johnny | he/him/his
Community Health Advocate

Jason is an asylee living in CA for the past 4 years ago. He is passionate about helping his community – working in the area of health services for over a decade has given him the experience and opportunity to meet many people of diverse backgrounds. He is a fluent Spanish and Portuguese speaker. Jason would describe himself as “chill”, always smiling, even under the mask.  He feels that working in the health field is gratifying because, at the end of the day, you are literally making the world a better place by putting a smile on your patients’ faces.

Han Sim - bio pic
Han Sim | he/they
Community Health Advocate

Han is a queer transmasc nonbinary Korean immigrant. They were part of their queer student alliance in high school and majored in gender and sexuality studies in college. They’re excited to continue working in LGBTQ advocacy and sexual health education. Han likes to cook, play video games, and dream about getting a cat one day. Two cats, actually, so they can keep each other company.

Meet our providers
Kerry Kay, MD | he/him/his
HIV and PrEP provider

Kerry Kay is a Family Practice physician and the lead HIV clinician for Asian Health Services, providing patient-centered care in both English and Cantonese. For the last 10 years, he has provided care and treatment to patients living with HIV, PrEP for folks to stay HIV-negative, and gender affirming care, such as hormone replacement therapy, to transgender patients. Dr. Kay is also a chair-person of AHS’s LGBTQ Alliance.

Macy Lieu, DNP, FNP-c | she/her/hers
HIV and PrEP provider

Macy Lieu is a Family Nurse Practitioner and HIV clinician, providing medical care in both English and Cantonese. She provides medical care to patients living with HIV, PrEP for HIV prevention, and gender affirming care to transgender patients. She is a member of Asian Health Services’ LGBTQ Alliance.

Yuyang Mei, MD | he/him/his
HIV and PrEP provider

Yuyang Mei is a Family Medicine doctor with a particular expertise in providing care to people who are living with HIV. Dr. Mei also serves a diverse pool of individuals such as PrEP clients, transgender patients, and Mandarin speaking patients. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and received his medical training at UCSF. In his spare time, Yuyang likes to cook and find new music to listen to.